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Champions Rise Academy™

The most robust online platform in sports that helps student-athletes and parents think, compete, and WIN like the Top 1% do.

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Championship Families™

A transformational online course designed specifically to help sports-minded families overcome the overwhelm, jump the hurdles that keep popping up, and prepare your kids for long-term success - in sports, business, and life!

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Champions Rise Summit™

We get behind-the-scenes with an unbelievable lineup of the world's best athletes and experts, to answer your questions on how to get back to peak performance in as little as 2 weeks - especially if you feel behind, stuck, or completely lost.
The Champions Rise Summit™ is a series of 30 to 60-minute trainings and interviews that guide you and your student-athlete on exactly how to prepareplayrecover, and WIN as you step back onto the field. 
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