Full day workshop designed to help your athlete, team, and family get on the road to clarity, focus, and greater success this school year and season.

 September 29, 2018 (for student-athletes)   Houston, TX
  September 30, 2018 (for parents & coaches)   Houston, TX
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An opportunity to empower your kids, position your team and family for success, and get everyone on the same page.

You love the feeling you get when your kids are focused, they have their priorities straight, and they’re getting the recognition they deserve.

But, let’s face it. You’re not enjoying that feeling as consistently as you want.

Instead, you find yourself frustrated at the decisions your kids are making and constantly feel like you’re not on the same page with them, your spouse, and your coaches. At times, you even feel guilty and ask, “Should I be doing more?”

Something needs to change.

And that change won’t come from the status quo. It won’t come from keeping up with the Jones’.

Real change will happen once you and your kids have the platform to be YOU, own a tool that enhances your focus, and have access to a community of people who understand you.

This is what Championship Freeway™ is for.

If you are hungry for a way to get your kids engaged and focused and feel more clear, confident, and courageous about where you all are going and how you’re going to get therethen this event is for you. At Championship Freeway™, you and your kids will discover how to design an achievable vision, set clear priorities, and make better decisions.

You and your kids will experience a full day of instruction, inspiration, and community with people just as driven as you. Together, we are going to help you get on the road to more Championships – at home AND in sports.

Introducing Championship Freeway™

This full day event is the first of its kind, created to inspire the amateur sports community with powerful tools, strategies, and habits for winning more consistently.

At Championship Freeway™, you and your kids have the opportunity to…

  • Receive instruction from Certified High Performance Coach and entrepreneur, James Reid, on how to find clarity, get focused, and achieve greater success this school year and season.
  • Gain inspiration from special guests and participants on how to keep winning at home and in sports.
  • Enjoy the community of other driven athletes, coaches, and parents committed to unlocking their next level.

About the Creator of Championship Freeway™

As a husband, father, coach, and former Division 1 athlete, I know what it feels like to be overworked, overwhelmed, and distracted. For three years beginning in 2013, while I was ascending the ranks as an entrepreneur in sports, I was increasing distance from my kids and family. I struggled to find my own clarity and roadmap, and it was no surprise that I was causing confusion among my clients and division among my family.

But then, after tens of thousands of dollars spent in personal development and being trained by three of the top experts in high performance, leadership, and business, I had the epiphany that my wife, kids, and I could be a team, and that the concept of family was like a sports organization. Out of desperation, I experimented with the idea that I could use proven disciplines in high performance and business to build my family like a Championship team and organization. My experiment worked. In less than two years, I went from broken and defeated, to bold and victorious – at home and in my business. Today, I have a thriving marriage and deeper connection with my kids, mainly because we are on the same page and pursuing a unified vision.

Now I get to share the same tools and strategies that got me here with elite athletes, coaches, teams, and high-powered professionals…and they’re seeing transformation, too.

I want the same for you. You deserve it. Your kids deserve it. Your team and family deserves it.

What you will enjoy at Championship Freeway™

A proven process for designing a clear vision and ongoing success.

The more complex things are, the more confusion arises. We will teach you a simple process you can take with you every day to live with clarity and focus, ultimately allowing you to reach your goals.

A common language for getting and keeping you on the same page.

Are you tired of everyone doing their own thing and being left in the dark? Is miscommunication a common frustration? J.R. will teach you a common language that will keep everyone driving in the same direction.

Focused, unplugged time away.

Give yourself time to unplug from the day-to-day and prepare to refuel. Championship Freeway™ will prepare and inspire you to go to the next level once you return home.

A driven community.

It’s well-documented: to go to the next level, you need to surround yourself with the right people. At Championship Freeway™, you’ll be surrounded and supported by other driven and ambitious people to network and collaborate with.

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Location Details

Houston Marriott South

9100 Gulf Freeway

Houston, Texas 77017



Frequently Asked Questions

When you register for Championship Freeway™, you get access to one full day of instruction, inspiration, and community with people just as driven as you. We will provide you with lunch and a FREE copy of our Championship Freeway Playbook™. Airfare and travel expenses are not included in your ticket purchase. Hotel reservations are on your own.

Yes. We want as many of your kids to attend! We will take $10 off each General Admission and Captain's Ticket for each additional child attending.

Yes. We are offering discounted ticket packages for families.

6th to 12th graders. We want the younger student-athletes getting stretched by the older ones, and the older student-athletes getting an opportunity to lead those looking up to them.

No. A copy of the Championship Freeway Playbook™ will be provided upon your arrival at the event.

No. While we do realize we have a large audience, we believe in the power of attending live events in-person. Greater transformation can happen once a person unplugs and surrounds themselves with a supportive community. With Championship Freeway™, we want to provide you with this transformation.

We offer full refunds up to 30 days before the event. Cancel in writing by contacting our team at operations@jamesreid.com. We would be happy to assist you with questions and refund requests. Tickets are for this event only and are not transferable to a different event

Please refer to the page immediately above for the full schedule and registration times.

Yes. The limit is five (5) members per family. We want this to be an intimate setting.

There is no “VIP Dinner only” ticket. We will assume whoever you bring to dinner will also attend the event.

Any other questions? Please contact: operations@jamesreid.com